Welcome to Don Dwiggins' Wiki, or Dwigki for short. The purpose of this space is to provide a way for me to publish thoughts I'd like to share, and in some cases turn into collaboratively created "living documents".

The first such document, and currently the only content of this space, is my evolving document on the nature and future of Community. I invite comments. questions, and dialogue. Also, I invite those who'd like to expand all or part of the work to contact me, at fe001 at dondwiggins point net (the initial part of the address may change from time to time, so don't bookmark it).

You might also find interesting a project that I began several years ago, and haven't done much with lately; it resides on my ISP web site. It's motivated by the emerging global crises, and is called Humanity's Final Exam.

Thanks for visiting,
Don Dwiggins